4 Signs You Need Pipe Repair

In modern homes, pipes are like veins that run through the body, and if they fail to work, everything comes to a standstill. A faulty pipe is difficult to diagnose since it's tucked underground or behind solid walls, which requires the need to hire a professional pipe repair service. However, you can identify some signs to know if something is wrong with your piping system. Here are the signs you need pipe repair. 

The Dishwasher and Washing Machine Suddenly Cannot Function

Dishwashers are prevalent in most homes, and it's a similar story with washing machines that supply fresh loads of laundry. All these appliances depend on the drainage system, and if you notice water suddenly building up in the dishwasher, something is wrong. Likewise, if the wash cycle of your washing machine ends abruptly while the motor is still running, there could be a fault with the water supply or drainage system. Contact a professional without delay who will check if there's a blockage in the piping system. 

Dirty, Smelly Water Bubbles and Builds Up

A broken pipe can be accompanied by clogging and a bad smell. Sometimes you'll hear some gurgling noises under the running water, which indicates the water is frustratingly trying to pass via an obstacle. If the bubbling is coming from the drainpipe, the most unmistakable sign is that there's a blockage. Plumbers use specialized equipment to inspect the drainage system. 

Water Leakage

Sometimes during winter, water pipes can freeze, especially if they're connected to an outside pipe, and when it gets hot, they expand. This constant expansion and contraction can put pressure on the pipes, and it can cause them to burst. Sometimes the swelling can go unnoticed, leading to leaks, and you may find water in unexpected places. The most obvious signs include stains on the wall and swollen floors, meaning there's a problem with the plumbing system that is causing leaks. Don't hesitate to contact a professional when you find unexplained water droplets. 

High Utility Bills

If there's a problem with the piping system, it can affect the efficiency of your heating equipment, and a leaking pipe leads to loss of water. If your water heater, dryer, or boiler is not working to optimum capacity, your energy consumption will be high, translating to high utility bills.

A faulty pipe is a disaster in waiting, and immediate water pipe repair can save you some money. Contact a professional pipe repair service today for assistance. 

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