Troubleshooting Guide For 3 Specific Gas Water Heater Problems

Whether your residential water heater uses gas or electricity plays a major part in determining the kind of water heater repairs you'll require. If you have a gas water heater that is not working properly or at all, here's a useful troubleshooting guide for 3 common problems you may experience with the hot water system.

1. No Hot Water At All

If there's no hot water in the entire house, this is usually an indication that your water heater isn't producing the heat required to heat your water. This can happen due to a variety of reasons, but the most likely explanations are a faulty gas burner or an interruption in your home's gas supply.

If the problem is with your gas supply, inform the gas company. If your water heater's burner is faulty, get it restored or replaced.

2. Not Enough Hot Water

This is a problem that you may experience during the morning hours or late evenings. If you find yourself not having enough hot water during the hours of the day when hot water demand is at its peak, it's likely that you need to upgrade your unit. Getting a larger unit that can keep up with your increased demand for hot water should help address the problem. 

If your water heater has started supplying insufficient amounts of hot water only recently, your water storage tank may need to be flushed to remove built-up sediment, or you may have a leaking hot water unit.

3. Hot Water Not Hot Enough

If your hot water isn't as hot as you like, begin the troubleshooting process by checking your water heater's thermostat. The thermostat helps regulate the temperature of your water, so the wrong temperature settings could leave you with colder water. Adjusting the temperature on your water heater can help fix the issue.

Cold weather is another reason why your hot water may not be hot enough. Extremely low winter temperatures can cause the water flowing in your hot water pipes to cool as it travels through unheated spaces. 

You can prevent such heat losses by insulating any hot water pipes running in unheated areas of your home.

It's perfectly normal for gas water heaters to develop problems, even when they're properly looked after. If you encounter any problem with your residential water heater, don't hesitate to contact a local hot water plumber for professional water heater repair services.

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