Plumber: Here's How To Keep Your Garbage Disposal In Top Shape

Having a garbage disposal in perfect shape is one of the best ways to improve efficiency in the kitchen. The disposal helps you dispose of the food that remains in the plates after meals, protecting your kitchen plumbing from damage. However, you have to take good care of the garbage disposal so it can serve you efficiently and for a long time. See what you can do to ensure your garbage disposal is in top shape and reliable for several years.

Run Cold Water When Using It

The primary purpose of garbage disposal is to grind the food into tiny particles. You can enhance this function by running cold water through the system when the appliance is on. The cold water runs over the food particles and makes them harden. The machine is typically more efficient when grinding hard food particles. 

Know the Things You Cannot Feed It

It is also advisable to know what you can put inside the garbage disposal and what you cannot. For example, most people know that metallic and plastic items will ruin their disposal. However, few people understand the effects of pouring oil and grease through the appliance. It might seem okay to pour oil when it is still hot from the cooking pan down the drain. Nevertheless, it will cool down and solidify with time, leading to a massive clog that could damage the system. Also, avoid putting bones and fruit pits inside the garbage disposal because the system is not strong enough to grind them up. Instead, dispose of them in the regular trash can to avoid problems with your garbage disposal.

Put Some Citrus in the System Occasionally

It is advisable to consider putting the occasional citrus down the drain from time to time. You can put in some orange or lemon peels because they are excellent in eliminating the nasty smell from the decaying food. They also help speed up the decomposition process. Also, think about pouring hot water down the drain. It helps wash away any food particles caught inside the drain or disposal chamber.

Allow the Disposal to Run

It is also advisable to allow the garbage disposal to run for a few extra minutes after you have finished grinding the food. This simple tactic is an excellent way to ensure all the food breaks down completely. If you allow the disposal to run for several minutes after the grinding process, it will work efficiently without experiencing hitches and blockages.

These are simple and efficient ways to keep your garbage disposal in excellent shape. Nonetheless, have it in your mind that the appliance will sometimes develop complications that you cannot fix yourself. In this case, it is best to call a plumbing contractor for repairs and maintenance. 

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