Common Problems With Tankless Water Heaters And How To Fix Them

Tankless water heaters are popular these days due to their energy efficiency and compact size. If you have one installed in your home, you might run into problems over time as it begins to wear down. Eventually, this can cause your system to need to be repaired. The following tankless water heater repairs are some of the things you might need to have fixed.

Improper Venting

If your tankless water heater stops working, it could be because there are problems with ventilation. If there are problems with ventilation, meaning if the air is unable to flow properly through your system, your temperature settings will make no difference. This can be due to the air not reaching the system, or it can be because the exhaust vent is not allowing the air to flow through the system. A water heater repair service can help address these issues to ensure your system is heating the water as it should.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems can cause tankless water heaters to fail. There are a few different ways the water heater could have an electrical issue. The first issue is faulty wiring in the home. If incorrect wiring was done when a new house was built, the tankless water heater might not work properly. The other issue is problems with the wiring of the water heater, which might have a short circuit or other issues that a repair technician needs to fix.

Leaking Parts

There are many problems that can cause tankless water heaters to fail or not work properly. The plumbing is often the first place to look when there is a problem with your tankless water heater. Common tankless water heater problems are often caused by leaking parts, pieces, fittings, hoses, supply lines, or valves. Make sure you check all of these parts before calling a professional.

Erratic Temperature Control

Tankless water heaters use electronic ignition systems to ignite the gas and create hot water. The pilot light needs to stay on all the time for the ignition system to work. Otherwise, you'll have hot water until it runs out, and then all the water will be cold.

Erratic temperatures can also be caused by failing parts that aren't able to regulate the heat for the water properly. They can also be due to other parts like valves or the thermostat of the water heater failing.

If you have a tankless water heater, make sure you are occasionally checking it for proper operation. If you notice maintenance issues, contact a water heater repair professional before it becomes a problem.

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