3 Things To Know About Installing A Gas Line

If you're looking to utilize a different energy source or just prefer gas appliances, you can have a gas line installed for your home. The gas line will run from a meter outside your home to each appliance or connection in your home that uses gas. Check out a few things you should know about installing a gas line.

1. The Price Depends on a Few Factors

The cost to install a gas line depends on the specifics of your property. How many gas lines or gas line extensions you install and the length of these gas lines are the most important details that influence the price.

In general, the longer the gas line, the more expensive it is to install. Each additional gas line or gas line extension will boost the cost of installation. A gas line extension that branches off from another gas line is cheaper to add than an entirely new line.

The more items in your home that you want to power with gas, the more extensions you'll need and the higher your installation costs. 

Other factors that influence the cost of installing gas lines include the installation method, the materials used for your gas lines, and the pipe size and connections required to power gas appliances. 

2. Gas Line Installation Requires a Professional

Installing a gas line isn't a DIY project. An improperly installed gas line will allow gas to leak and potentially create a dangerous situation. There are also regulations that dictate the placement of the lines and how deep your gas lines need to be

Most states require a licensed plumber to install gas lines due to the complexity of the project and the risks associated with improper installation. 

3. You Can Connect a Tank to a Gas Line

It's a misconception that gas lines are only for powering appliances, hot water heaters, and heating and cooling units. You may also connect a gas line to most items that you would use a tank for, including fireplaces, fire pits, and outdoor grills.

Connecting a gas line to these items ensures that you're never out of gas, as the line supplies a steady supply. You won't have to worry about taking empty tanks to exchange them when they get low.

Most gas companies will allow you to lease a gas tank, or you can purchase your own. They'll also connect the tank for free or at a reduced cost if you agree to buy a minimum amount of gas each year. 

Contact a company that offers gas line installation services to learn more.

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