Problems Your Sewer Line Could Experience

The sewer line is a critical component of your plumbing system. When the sewer line starts to encounter problems, it can represent a sizable problem that a homeowner will have to address if they are to restore the performance of their plumbing and minimize the damage that could occur.

Being Mindful Of The Materials You Put Down The Drains

A common mistake that people will make with their sewer lines can be failing to be mindful of the materials that they are putting down their drains. Pouring grease down the drains is a common mistake that homeowners make. Over time, the grease can start to coat the interior walls of the sewer line. This could make it much easier for large clogs to form that could completely clog the sewer line.

Ruptures Of The Sewer Line Can Require Major Repairs

One of the most serious problems that your plumbing system can experience will be a ruptured pipe. If the sewer line suffers a rupture, large amounts of sewage could start to seep into the soil on your property. In addition to making your property smell foul and potentially impacting your landscaping, this could also contribute to the underground water source becoming contaminated. When your sewer line has suffered a rupture, it is likely that it will need to have the damaged section replaced or at least patched. As a result, you may need to have some of your landscaping excavated to allow the sewer line repair provider to complete the necessary work to restore your sewer line.

Sewer Line Video Inspections Are A Valuable Tool For Finding And Repairing Problems

When your sewer line is starting to suffer problems, it can be necessary to have an evaluation done so that the source of the problem can be identified. Luckily, modern technology can make this fairly simple through the use of sewer line video inspection services. These services can use a small camera to view the entire interior of the sewer line to find the area that has suffered damage. By using these systems, you can more accurately determine the extent of the damage so that the necessary repairs can be planned. Without the use of a sewer line video inspection service, you would need to have the entire sewer line excavated in order to determine the source of the problem, which could be extremely expensive as well as have a bigger impact on your landscaping.

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