Plumbing: 5 Things That Causes Leaky Pipes And Why You Need A Plumber

Leaks are not limited to dripping faucets. Any time water is seeping, draining, or trickling from a pipe, that's considered a leak. You need to take care of it quickly because water leaks drive up your utility bills, damage the property, and cause serious flooding if left unchecked.

Here are five things that causes leaky pipes and why you need a plumber to fix them.

1. Loose Pipe Fittings and Faulty Seals

Loose fittings where the hot and cold water tubes meet can be unnoticeable but can lead to major leakage in the future without proper repairs done by professional plumbers. The same thing applies for faulty seals around taps and valves which results in leaks when exposed to heat or pressure.

2. Corrosion of Metal Pipes

Metal pipes contain iron which corrode over time and expands while under pressure, which damages the joints and seals on the pipe and lead to leaking. Eventually these leaks get so bad that the pipes need to be replaced altogether. This is why it's best to call a plumber even for minor issues instead of trying do-it-yourself solutions at home.

3. Tree Root Infiltration

Tree roots can infiltrate sewer lines and grow into small holes and cracks that develops over time due to friction from normal water flow in the system. As tree roots grow, they expand and create new holes in old cracked areas, leading to more serious damage which requires professional attention by a plumber with proper tools to remove the roots.

4. Old Age of Plumbing System

Plumbing pipes are made from natural materials which deteriorate over time, so an old system is more likely to develop leaks than a newer, better quality plumbing system. It's important to have your home checked periodically for any problems with the plumbing because once you have water leaks, it can be very expensive to fix them when they grow in size and severity.

5. Ground Shifting or Settling Under Foundation

It's common for foundations to shift or settle over years due to earth quakes or extreme weather changes like heavy snowfall. This causes cracking in foundation walls that lead to leaking, especially if the basement is not waterproofed properly. Help is required in this case because damage is already done and settling can continue even after repairs are completed.

In conclusion, leaks in your plumbing system may seem like a minor problem that you can ignore until it becomes a major issue, but they shouldn't be ignored, especially if the signs of leakage is obvious. Find a good plumber to take a look at your home's plumbing and fix any issues before it gets worse because leaks only get more expensive to repair the longer they go without being fixed.

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