Signs That You Need Immediate Gas Line Leak Repair from a Professional

A gas leak in your home is not an issue you should ever ignore or drag your feet on getting fixed. Gas coming out of a line near your home could be a very dangerous fire hazard or might otherwise cause bodily to your family when it is breathed in. Here are some of the warning signs to watch out for when it comes to potential gas leaks in order to ensure you can contact a gas line leak repair professional as soon as possible.

There's a Rotten Smell in the Air

The most commonly known warning of a gas line leak is the smell of rotten eggs in the air. This smell is created by sulfur, which is intentionally added to gas by all providers because the gas itself would otherwise not be noticeable. If you smell rotten eggs in the air, the first thing you should do is turn off your incoming gas line and then check the line outside your house.

Grass or Flowers Near the Gas Line Are Dying or Already Dead

If there is a gas line leak that is sending gas out into your yard and the surrounding area, one of the most obvious warning signs to look for would be any grass, flowers, or vegetation in the air that has suddenly taken on a different color or looks like it died overnight. Exposure to gas will immediately kill off grass and vegetation and can serve as additional confirmation for you that something is not right.

There's Window Condensation With No Other Explanation

If you ever glance at your windows and see condensation forming outside but it's not raining or otherwise doing anything from a weather perspective that would cause this to happen, chances are good that the window looks like that because of the nearby gas. Even if you don't smell rotten eggs just yet, a suspiciously wet window is cause for additional investigation.

Get Your Family Out Quickly

If any of these warning signs are happening to you and you have confirmed that you likely have a gas leak, you should turn off the gas coming into your house, but then move to quickly get your family to safety. You need to treat a gas leak the same exact way you would a raging fire. That's because all it might take is one little spark for that fire to actually happen. Don't ever light a match or turn on your cigarette lighter in circumstances such as these. Focus on getting out of the house and contacting a local gas line leak repair service (for instance, Mesquite Plumbing Inc.) immediately.

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