Which Options Do You Have For Drain Cleaning?

Plumbers use different drain cleaning methods to unclog drains. The methods range from basic to expert and deploy various tools — from handhelds to high tech. Nonetheless, the goal is the same  — a clean drain with original functionality. Read on to understand the different drain cleaning options.

Physical/Traditional  Drain Cleaning

Traditional or physical drain cleaners are devices or equipment you use to unclog a drain. The common types of physical drain cleaning equipment on the market are augers, plungers, and drain snakes:

  • An auger's cone-shaped end unclogs your drain if you have soap build-up or general gunk — augers are electronic and don't have disposable versions.

  • A drain plunger is a device with a giant suction cup suitable for drain cleaning sinks.

  • Drain snakes have a flexible tube or thin plastic end placed in the drain and spun with the hand, and you can use them for hair-caused clogs.

You don't have to wait for chemicals to dissolve with physical drain cleaners. However, equipment like augers and drain snakes can damage your pipes if used inappropriately. So, if you don't have the expertise, please call a professional plumber for drain cleaning services.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

Chemical drain cleaners dissolve the substances that have caused a clog in your pipes. Commonly used chemicals are caustic cleaners, oxidizing agents, and acidic cleaners:

  • Caustic cleaners contain potash or lye that have a high ph suitable to break down grease clogs.

  • Oxidizing agents contain peroxide, bleach, or nitrates, best suited to break down organic materials like food.

  • Acidic cleaners consist of muriatic or sulfuric acid that breaks down clogs, especially hair clogs.

Whereas chemical cleaners are quick and simple to use, the chemicals are harsh to the environment and your plumbing system. For example, chemical cleaners corrode the inner pipe parts if your drain pipes are metallic.

Hydro Jetting

With hydro jetting, your plumber uses high-pressure water and a special nozzle to clean your drains. A flexible hose transports water to the nozzle to disintegrate soap, grease, sludge, and other blockages. You can use your drains immediately after hydro jetting services.

Hydro jetting doesn't cause environmental harm, corrosion, and contamination because the process uses pure water. Also, the equipment is portable, and the whole process takes a short time to complete.


Clogged drain cleaning saves you from the disaster of a water-clogged home or business premises. However, DIY drain cleaning can cause more harm to your systems. Don't hesitate to contact a drain cleaning expert to unclog your drains. Your trusted plumber considers the scope and nature of the clogs to determine the best drain cleaning services.

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