Do You Need To Descale Your Pipes?

Pipes face a number of serious issues. Whether your pipes are draining slowly or you have a complete clog, a buildup of scale can be part of the problem. For this reason, you might think that it is time to descale your pipes.

Are you ready to de-scale your pipes? Are you uncertain what that process entails? These are a few things you should know first.

What Causes Scale Buildup?

Scale buildup is usually the result of hard water. As water passes through your pipes, it can leave behind traces of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Rust, grease, and other materials also contribute to this issue. Over time, these deposits can accumulate and form a crusty layer on the inside of your pipes.

This layer not only makes it harder for water to pass but also provides the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. As the scale builds up, it can also cause your pipes to become corroded.

When Should You Descale Your Pipes?

You might need to descale your pipes if you notice slow drains, water pressure issues, or if your pipes are completely clogged. If you have hard water, it is also a good idea to descale your pipes.

Your plumber may examine your pipes and tell you that descaling is a good idea. If you are unsure whether or not you need to descale your pipes, it's time to schedule an inspection of your pipes.

How Do Plumbers Descale Your Pipes?

The first step in the descaling process involves choosing the right method. In some cases, plumbers choose to use chemicals to descale. This involves adding a descaling agent to your water and flushing it through your pipes. The chemicals eat away at the scale, which can take longer than some other methods.

In other situations, plumbers decide that abrasive scrubbing is the best option. This involves using a machine to push an abrasive material through your pipes. The material will scrape away the scale without damaging your pipes.

Plumbers can also use hydro jetting to remove scale. This is a high-powered water stream that can quickly remove scale and other debris from your pipes.

How Can You Learn More About Descaling Your Pipes?

If you think it is time to descale your pipes, the first step is to schedule an inspection of your pipes. A residential plumber can take a look at your pipes and let you know if descaling is a good option.

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