Water Heater Not Getting As Hot As It Should? What You Should Do

When you are in the middle of taking a shower and your water suddenly gets cooler and you are turning the water valve hotter and hotter in order to get it back to temperature, only to find that it won't go any further, there may be a problem with your hot water heater. Your hot water heater may be on the verge of going out on you and it may be time for a call to the plumber. If you feel like your hot water heater is going out, read on for some repair tips to try and get it working properly again. 

Adjust The Thermostat

There is a thermostat adjustment on your hot water heater that can be adjusted to a higher or lower temperature. If your hot water heater isn't getting hot enough, you can adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature to see if this helps. Your hot water may not be getting hot enough for you because it was turned down or was never set high enough to begin with. Adjust the thermostat a little for hotter water.

Clean Out Your Water Heater

Your water heater may have accumulated too much debris from the minerals in your water and it has collected at the base of your hot water heater. When this happens, it blocks the heater core at the base, which is what heats your water. Cleaning out the sediment is important, as it helps clean up the heater core and can then heat your water properly again. Clean the sediment out by turning off the water supply and the gas supply, then drain the water from the tank. Once the water is out, you should attach a shop vacuum to the drainage opening and suck out the sediment from the water heater. This may take some time to get the right suction and to remove the contents of the tank. Once finished, you can turn the water and gas supply back on and then begin filling up the tank.

Invest In A Larger Hot Water Heater

You may need to invest in a larger hot water heater for your home. Your hot water heater may work for a home with fewer people or one that requires less demand. If your hot water heater works, but just cannot keep up, it may be too small for your family and for your home.

If you have issues with your hot water heater not supplying you with enough hot water, call a water heater repair company.

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