4 Things To Know About Radiant Heating

With all of the different types of heating systems out there, one that you may not know a lot about is radiant in-floor heat. It can be a great way to heat your home due to all the benefits it provides. Here is what you should know about this heating solution before you decide to pick it.

Radiant Heat Uses Water

What makes radiant heat so unique is that it keeps your home warm with hot water. However, instead of having the water travel through a radiator in a single spot in the room, the water flows through a system of pipes that are hidden underneath the floor. The reason that water is used to heat the home is because of how efficient it is compared to other methods. Water actually retains heat for quite some time, so less energy is used to keep the water hot.

Radiant Heat Is Comfortable

There is not a central place in your home where the heat is dispelled since it rises from the floor. This means that you don't have a hot zone next to a fan, radiator, or vent. Radiant heat allows the warmth to be evenly distributed over the floor, which makes your home incredibly comfortable as a result. 

In addition, that heat rises from the floor, which is the part of the home that you are occupying. The heat rises, and the hottest part is near your feet and the coolest part is near your head. You won't be wasting energy heating the top of a room near the ceiling, and you won't have hot air blowing on your face. 

Radiant Heat Has Individual Room Controls

A huge benefit of radiant heat is that it allows you to create several zones in your home. This is not possible with a forced air system, which heats the entire home or nothing at all. With radiant heat, each room can have its own zone and thermostat, so that everyone has more precise control over the comfort of the room they are in. One person can make their bedroom hot at night while the other makes it cold. 

Radiant Heat Is Great For Allergies 

Since there is no hot air blowing through your home, you'll find that radiant heat is great for people that have allergies. Dust, allergens, pollen, and other small particles won't be moving around in the air when the heat kicks on.

For additional info about this heating installation, contact a plumbing and heating service in your area.

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