Is Time To Clean Your Sewer Line?

If you've lived in your home for many years, you may wonder if it's past time to clean out your sewer line. Before the wastewater in your home leaves your property, it must travel through your main sewer line. Sludge and other waste can build up inside your sewer line and clog it. If you don't have a plumber clean out the line soon, your home's plumbing system may suffer the consequences later. Learn why it may be past time to clean out your sewer line below.

What Does Your Sewer Line Contain Inside It?

Your sewer line, or main sewer pipe, sits deep inside the soil on your property. The pipe collects all of the waste-filled water from your home's plumbing system and discards it into the city's main sewer line in the street. Over time, bacteria-laden sludge, human waste, pieces of toilet paper, and other debris can collect inside your main sewer pipe. The debris inside your sewer line can cause a number of costly problems for your home.

A debris-filled sewer line can slowly clog up and stop moving waste out of your home. If the waste inside your sewer line becomes too thick, too large, or too heavy, it can crack open the pipe. The heavy debris may also cause bellies, or large sags, to develop in the pipe. Your sewer line may eventually burst beneath the ground and leak.

You can keep your main sewer pipe from failing you by cleaning it soon. 

What Type of Sewer Line Cleaning Should You Do?

A plumber won't clean out your sewer line until they carefully inspect it with a camera first. A plumber must ensure your sewer line doesn't contain bellies or any other problem that can damage it or your plumbing system in the future. If an inspection camera uncovers any issues with your sewer line, a plumber will offer the most effective solutions on how to repair it.

If a plumber doesn't find bellies or other issues in your sewer line, they'll clean the pipe with a drain-jet. A drain-jet, or hydro-jet, is a machine that uses pressurized water to remove thick or heavy debris from sewer pipes. The machine should remove all of the debris from the pipe in one visit. If your sewer line requires additional cleaning, a plumber will alert you about it beforehand.

You don't need to wait until later to clean your main sewer line. Contact a plumber to learn more about sewer cleaning.    

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