3 Questions To Answer Before A Hot Water Tank Installation

Leaks, rust, or poor water quality can mean it's time to replace your water heater. If you don't have experience with hot water tank installations, you may have a few concerns. Here are three questions you should answer before a water heater installation.

1. Should You Upsize Your Water Heater?

A water heater upgrade is a perfect opportunity to resolve any issues you were having with hot water before. Did your previous water heater have trouble delivering hot water when it was needed? If so, you may need a water heater with a higher capacity.

A larger hot water tank is sometimes necessary when hot water demands change in your home. Homeowners who are adding extra rooms and families expecting children can often benefit from a larger water heater. Your plumber can help you size your hot water tank for your home before installation day.

2. How Will You Dispose of Your Old Water Heater?

Most plumbing contractors offer disposal services for the old water heater that they remove during installation. Some contractors get rid of the old tank for free, while others require a small fee for the service. Allowing your plumber to dispose of the old heater is a convenience well worth considering.

If you prefer to dispose of your old water heater yourself, you have a few different options. Your recycling company or garbage hauler may pick up the water tank during their normal route if you notify them in advance. Alternatively, you can haul the heater to a recycling center yourself and sell it as valuable scrap metal.

3. When Is Your Installation, and How Long Will It Take?

Installing and removing large appliances like water heaters always takes time. Busy homeowners will need to clear a slot in their schedule on the day of installation. Make sure at least one adult is home to provide entry to the house, and make arrangements for children or pets if required.

Installing a water heater can take several hours, even when everything goes as expected. The process will take longer if there are difficulties connecting plumbing or making space for the heater or if there are other unforeseen circumstances. Ask your contractor to estimate how long the installation will take, and mark the day in your calendar.

Hot water tank installations don't require too much preparation from the homeowner. If you can answer these questions, your installation will go smoothly and you can enjoy the benefits of a water heater upgrade in your home!

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