3 Risks Of Neglecting Regular Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning isn't a topic most homeowners get excited about, but it is one you should take seriously. Slow drains and frequent clogs are more than an inconvenience: They could be a sign that your plumbing is in real trouble. Read on to learn three risks of neglecting regular drain cleaning.

1. Persistent Odors

The grime that makes up the average drain clog is far from appealing. Grease and food waste that gets trapped in your drains above the P-trap can release unpleasant odors. Drain odors tend to linger in your home until you invest in a thorough drain cleaning.

Odors from neglected drains can worsen with time as bacteria and microbes start to feed on clogs. Dirty drains are also a prime breeding ground for mold since they are dark, damp, and contain abundant organic matter. Professional drain cleaning eliminates microbe colonies in your drains and solves the problem of persistent drain odors. 

2. More Frequent Clogs

You've probably noticed that slow drains tend to get slower the longer you use them. When a drainpipe is clear, it's difficult for dirt and debris to collect on its interior walls. If your drains are coated with grime, new particles that enter the pipe now have something to cling onto. This is why neglecting drain cleaning eventually leads to a completely stopped drainpipe.

If you stick to a regular schedule of drain cleaning, it should only be necessary a few times per year at most. Putting off drain cleaning makes using your drains much less convenient when you're faced with new clogs on a monthly or weekly basis.

3. Expensive Repairs

Residential plumbing lines are meant to last for decades, but drain clogs can significantly shorten their life span if left unattended. Drain clogs slow down water travel through your drainpipes, and can leave them exposed to standing water at all times. Unfortunately, being in constant contact with iron and other minerals in your water can cause your drainpipes to corrode much more quickly.

Resolving clogged drains quickly can save you from more expensive repairs in the future. Drain cleaning is always less expensive than replacing a corroded drainpipe. You will also avoid costly water damage repairs that are sometimes needed when a drainpipe corrodes and bursts.

Modern plumbing drains need very little maintenance, and occasional drain cleaning can prevent these common risks. If your drains are underperforming, contact a local plumbing contractor who offers regular drain cleaning services.

Contact a local plumbing service, such as Affordable Plumbing Maintenance, to learn more. 

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