3 Reasons To Replace The Kitchen Drain During A Kitchen Remodeling Project

Many homeowners dread renovating their homes because they imagine the project would cost them an arm and a leg. However, this does not have to be the case; if you renovate a section of your house at a time, you can keep a hand on your finances. And a good place to start is with the kitchen.

This will especially be beneficial if you're a family that enjoys home-cooked meals. And since the kitchen drain plays a crucial role in keeping your kitchen organized and sanitary during meal prep, you shouldn't forget to replace it. Upgrading the kitchen drain ensures you don't endure bad odors or slow drains. Here are three reasons to replace the kitchen drain during a kitchen remodeling project.

1. Improve Your Kitchen's Functionality

As the name suggests, the kitchen drain is responsible for carrying away all of the water and waste that goes down your kitchen sink. Because of how it operates, your kitchen drain can become clogged or damaged, which can cause problems with your kitchen's functionality.

While sometimes thorough drain cleaning can successfully flush out all clogs, there comes a time when the best solution is a replacement. By replacing the kitchen drain, you can improve your kitchen's overall function and ensure that water and waste are properly disposed of.

2. Speed Up Kitchen Drainage

Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for your kitchen sink to drain because there are clogs in the pipes. Slow drain lengthens the time you spend preparing meals and makes washing dishes in the sink tedious and annoying.

If your kitchen drain has had recurring clogs that slow drainage, you might want to consider an upgrade during a kitchen remodeling project. Otherwise, you could end up with a pool of water under your sink, which can lead to water damage and mold growth. Replacing the kitchen drain will ensure that water does not pool under your sink or backsplash.

3. Enjoy the Durability of a New Drain

One of the main reasons why you should replace your kitchen drain is because newer models are much more durable than older ones. They are designed to withstand the everyday wear and tear that comes with being used frequently. Additionally, they often come with a warranty that allows you to get free repair services if any fixture sustains damage prematurely.

Depending on your desired reason, replacing your kitchen drain is a great way to improve your kitchen's overall function and look. If you're planning a kitchen remodel, be sure to include this important task on your to-do list.

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