What Happens If You Ignore Your Residential Drain Cleaning?

Like every homeowner, you're responsible for keeping your home in good condition. As part of your residential maintenance plan, you should schedule regular cleaning of your drains to ensure the efficient removal of wastewater from the building.

Slacking on drain cleaning and maintenance can lead to dire consequences for your home and family. Keep reading to learn how neglecting your home's drain cleaning can be detrimental.

Blocked Drains

One of the most common problems associated with filthy drains is clogged drains.

If you fail to clean your drains regularly, the sludge that collects inside the pipes over time can accumulate to the point of causing a blockage. When wastewater from dishwashers, sinks, toilets, and other plumbing fixtures in your home can't freely exit the building, you'll lose the convenience modern plumbing offers.

Regular drain cleaning helps remove clog-causing debris from your drains, ensuring smooth and efficient wastewater drainage throughout the year.

Water Damage

When your drains become clogged, wastewater backup can occur, causing a home flood. Water damage from house flooding can lead to expensive repairs.

Getting your drains cleaned regularly will help keep wastewater moving quickly, so you don't have to deal with water damage from blocked or burst drains.

Sewer Odors

Dirty drains can make your home smell like raw sewage without causing a home flood. When the sludge in the pipes accumulates to the point of blocking the plumbing vent system (the ventilation pipe that connects to your drains and protrudes through the roof), musty sewer odors may back up into your home interiors, making it uninhabitable.

Cleaning your drains helps keep the water and waste flowing freely and eliminates odor-producing bacteria. Consequently, your home will always smell fresh.

Pest Infestation

Are you aware that filthy drains can invite pesky pests into your home? A dirty drain can create damp conditions and produce nasty odors that some insect and rodent pests love. As a result, you could be attracting them into your home by neglecting your drains.

Regular drain cleaning helps prevent wastewater from ponding in your drains and releasing pungent odors that lure pests into your home.

Since your drains run in hidden places such as behind your walls, underneath your floors, and in your yard, you may not see inside them well enough to do a thorough clean. Professional drain cleaning experts are highly trained and fully equipped to handle every aspect of your drain cleaning task. Contact them today to get your free, no-obligation quote.

For more information on drain cleaning, contact a professional near you.

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