What Are The Advantages Of Cured-In-Place Pipe Lining?

If you have a damaged underground plumbing pipe, then you might expect that your plumber will have to dig up the pipe so that they can repair or replace it. However, this isn't your only option. Plumbers can also sometimes use a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) fix.

How does a CIPP repair work? What are its benefits?

How Does CIPP Fix a Damaged Pipe?

CIPP repairs are trenchless. Your plumber doesn't need to dig up the pipe to fix it. These repairs work internally. They use special liners to create a new pipe inside a damaged one.

At the start of the process, your plumber will run a video camera through the pipe to assess its damage. They then do any necessary preparation work. For example, they might flush the pipe with water to clean it. Or, they might blast or cut out tree roots that have grown into the pipe and caused its damage.

They then push or pull a soft fiber resin pipe lining into the pipe. The lining might cover all the pipe or just the parts that are damaged. Once this lining is in place, they use a heat source, such as hot water, steam, or UV light, to cure the lining.

The lining then sets hard. It doesn't fix the damaged pipe as such but sits inside it. This new pipe gives your system the protection it needs to fix its problems.

Why Use CIPP to Fix a Damaged Pipe?

Traditional underground pipe repairs and replacements have some downsides. Underground pipes are hard to access. You have to dig up the ground to get to a pipe.

This can be a time-consuming, messy, and labor-intensive process. Your plumber has to get to the damaged part of the pipe before they can fix or replace it. Once they are done, they then have to cover the pipe again.

This process is a lot easier if you use a CIPP repair. Your plumber doesn't have to dig up the ground to expose the pipe. They simply scan it internally, prepare the pipe, insert a liner, and then cure it.

Your job will take less time and labor. So, you get a faster and more effective fix at a lower cost. You won't have any ground damage or disturbance. Plus, an effective liner works just like a new pipe so you should get years of use from it.

For more information on cured-in-place pipe lining installation services, contact a company near you.

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