Residential Plumbing Systems: 4 Types Of Systems You Should Consider For Your Home

Whether you're constructing a new home or renovating an existing one, selecting the right plumbing system is an important decision to make. With numerous residential plumbing systems available in the market today, it can be a daunting task to choose the right one. From water pressure boosters to sewer pumps, each system is designed to meet unique needs and fulfill different purposes. Here are four types of residential plumbing systems that are worth considering for your home:

Gravity Pipe System

The system utilizes the force of gravity to ensure that wastewater is drained from different points in your home. The pipes are laid out in a sloping design, allowing for water to flow easily from high points to low points. If you are considering installing this system, you should ensure your pipes have the proper slope to ensure effective drainage. Your plumber can design the slope of your pipes according to the local code requirements.

Pressure Pump System

The plumbing system uses pressure pump systems to push wastewater through a series of pipes to the main sewer line. Pressure pumps are often used in homes that have higher elevations or when gravity-fed systems won't work due to their topography. Pressure pumps are a great choice for homes located in areas where there is a risk of water backing up due to floods or heavy rains.

Sump Pump System

Sump pumps are a type of residential plumbing system that is designed to prevent basement flooding by pumping water away from the foundation of your home. The system has a pump, connected to a pipe that carries water outdoors. You should consider this system if you live in areas where there is a risk of flooding, such as in basements or under porches. The sump pump should be checked regularly to ensure it is functioning properly.

Condensate Pump System

The system pumps condensation generated from air conditioners and furnaces away from your home, allowing it to be safely discharged. Condensate pumps are often used in homes that have mechanical systems such as furnaces and air conditioners. The pump should be installed by a professional to ensure it is connected properly and functioning correctly.

Choosing the right plumbing system for your home can be a challenging task. It is important to research and compare different systems before making a decision. Consider the types of residential plumbing systems discussed above and consult a professional to determine the best system for your needs.

For more info about residential plumbing, contact a local company. 

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