Drain Unclogging Methods That Get Your Kitchen Drain Working Again

A clogged kitchen drain can be unpleasant, especially when the clog is so bad the water doesn't go down the drain at all. The first thing to do is grab a plunger. You may need to bail water out first so you can plunge vigorously without splashing water everywhere.

If you have arthritis or a problem that makes it difficult for you to use a plunger, you may need to call a plumber first thing. Your kitchen sink is important to keep open since you use it so often during the day. Here's how drain unclogging is done.

Use A Plunger To Dislodge The Clog

When your plumber arrives, they may use a plunger first. If they can open the drain with the plunger, your drain will be back in operation quickly. If you use the plunger yourself, don't give up too soon. It may take some time and effort to get the clog moving. However, a plunger can't always clear out a clog, and then the plumber has to use other tools.

Take The Drain Apart

The plumber can take the drain apart to see if something is stuck in the P-trap. The drain will need to come off anyway so the plumber can send a drain unclogging tool into the pipe. If it happens that something is stuck in the trap, the plumber can dig it out or push it through to clear the pipe.

Choose The Drain Unclogging Method

There are two methods for unclogging a kitchen drain. One is to use a drain snake and the other is a hydro jet. Both can clear clogs, so the choice is up to the plumber and what they prefer. An advantage to using a hydro jet is that it also washes off the insides of the drain to get rid of grease and other buildup.

Unclogging a drain can sometimes be messy, so the plumber takes care to clean up afterward. A snake pulls clogs out of the drain, and that can drip water into the cabinet, so the cabinet should be cleared of cleaning supplies and other products. This also gives the plumber room to work effectively.

Cleaning out a clog is usually a quick and easy plumbing repair, so your sink should be back in operation fairly fast. The plumber might offer some tips on preventing clogs in the future so you don't have to be inconvenienced by a backed-up sink again. However, if your sink does clog up again, call a plumber at the first sign so you can avoid a complete shutdown of the drain if possible.

Reach out to a plumber to learn more about drain unclogging.

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