A Closer Look At Electric Valve Actuators Used In Industrial Plumbing Applications

Electric valve actuators are often installed in systems that require some level of remote control. For instance, these actuators may be used in a large water treatment facility to control the distribution of treatment materials. These actuators are designed to be precise in form and function to allow the movement of fluids or materials through a pipe to be tightly controlled. Take a closer look at electric valve actuators, how they work, and more. 

What is an electric valve actuator?

Electric valve actuators are a type of linear actuator that is used to move objects, fluids, or materials in a straight line. These actuators are typically used in industrial applications, including industrial plumbing pumps and gearboxes that can be controlled remotely. Actuators work by converting electrical energy into mechanical energy. This is done by using a motor to drive a piston, which in turn moves a rod. The rod is connected to the substance or object that needs to be moved in the desired direction. These actuators may be utilized in commercial plumbing systems, for example, to power a sewer ejection pump. 

How do you find the best electric valve actuator for your plumbing system?

Electronic valve actuators are an exceptionally important component. Therefore, finding the best for the application is undeniably necessary. Consider the application in which the actuator will be used and look for top brands for that specific application. Some brands of electronic valve actuators are more popular than others because of their features and reputation for quality. By contrast, others can be more popular for certain settings or uses. For example, some are available in a variety of sizes and power ratings, and they can be customized to meet the specific needs of the application. Therefore, they work well for large-scale applications. 

How efficient are electric valve actuators? 

Electric valve actuators are very efficient. They can be so efficient in their operation that the loss of energy can be as low as only a few percentage points with some models. This low energy loss is much more efficient than other types of valve actuators. For example, pneumatic actuators tend to require more energy to produce air pressure to power the unit. Further, a lot of air can be lost during the operation, which makes them far less efficient than electric models. Electric valve actuators are also very reliable and have a long life span compared to other types, making them good for heavy use.

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