3 Times To Use An Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

While some plumbing drain problems can wait for a repair, other problems need an emergency response. When should you call out a plumber urgently to clean one of your drains?

1. You Have Standing Water 

If you have a problem with a drain in a sink, tub, or shower, then you might start to notice that water drains out more slowly than it used to. If you don't deal with this problem, then it can get worse.

If a drain gets badly clogged, then it might block completely. You'll see standing water in a sink, tub, or shower. This water might drain away slowly to start with; however, over time, it will stop draining away at all.

You won't be able to use the sink, tub, or shower. If you do, you'll simply add to the standing water.

If you call a plumber, they can come and clean the drain for you. This should get rid of the blockage and get things running normally again.

2. Your Toilet Backs Up

Toilets sometimes back up a little and then sort themselves out. For example, the water in the bowl might be higher than usual when you flush. It might take more time to drain away and settle back down to its normal pre-flush level. However, this settles down after a couple of flushes.

However, if you have a serious blockage in your toilet or sewer pipe, then this problem can be much worse. You might start to smell sewage around the toilet. Water might back up after a flush and not drain away at all. In extreme cases, sewage might start coming back up into the toilet.

Flushing the toilet to clear the blockage won't work. It will make the problem worse—the toilet might overflow if you keep feeding water into it. You need an emergency repair to clean the drain and check for any damage.

3. You Have Sewage Water in Your Basement

Sometimes, a blocked or broken sewer line can start to leak water into basements. If you see pooled water in this space and can smell or even see sewage, then you need urgent help.

Sewage and its water are health hazards. So, you shouldn't try to fix this problem yourself. An emergency plumber can get rid of the water and clean the sewage pipe. They can also check it for damage and make any necessary repairs.

To find out more, contact residential drain cleaning contractors.

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