A more sustainable workplace!

Many people are currently working on making their personal living environment more sustainable. Making your house more energy efficient does not have to be difficult. However, increasing sustainability is much more than just your own home. People spend most of their time at work. Whether you work at home, in a small office or in a mega office, there are always options to make your workplace more sustainable. There are some habits you can change yourself immediately, take a look below to see how.

Try to leave the Earth a better place than when you arrived.

Sidney Sheldon

1. Transporting yourself from home to work

How do you go to work? Cycling is of course the least environmentally harmful option. But what if you have to come from far? Travel by public transport or create a carpool app. This encourages your colleagues to ride together. It saves you and your colleague lots of on costs and it´s way better for the environment. In addition, working from home is also an environmentally friendly option. That way you don’t have to come by car. This saves a lot of air pollution.

2. Be active at work

When you walk into the office, skip the elevator go for the stairs. Go for a walk during your lunch break, work on a sit/stand desk. Those actions will help you to keep your mind free from unnecessary thoughts. This saves you a lot of stress. Stress can be bad for the environment, because you act differently when you are stressed.


The coffee machine is the best friend of many us. In a year we drink an average of 260 liters of coffee per person. The choice of your coffee and the accompanying cups is therefore an important choice in the workplace. Don’t go for disposable cups but for real mugs.

4. Lunch package

So much waste is created in the office, while this can easily be changed in the small things. Take as an example a lunch box instead of bread bags. This is a small adjustment with a large effect.

5. Plants

Research shows that plants have a positive effect on everyone that works on an office. The air quality is going up and the productivity would also go up due to the presence of plants. If you do not have control over it, make a clear plan of which plants could be placed where. If you take this to the person who makes the decision, you will come across as much more convincing.

6. Paperless

Commit to digitization in the workplace. Everyone has an e-mail inbox. Communicate as much as possible via e-mail. Do you still have to print something? Then choose sustainable paper and sustainable ink. There are cartridges nowadays that can be refilled and use less ink.

7. Let there be light… or not.

In every office, the lamps burn on average throughout the whole day. Sometimes even lights are lit in rooms where nobody is present. This is a shame. You can make agreements with colleagues that they switch off the lights in places where they are not, or place sensors for the lights so that they switch on and off automatically in the absence of you and your co-workers.

8. Toilet paper

Go for circular toilet paper. Nowadays there are very nice alternatives for environmentally friendly toilet paper. For example, there is even toilet paper that is recycled from your own old paper. How beautiful is that?!

9. Clean the mess up

A clean workplace is nice, but cleaning agents contain many environmentally unfriendly substances. Nowadays there is a lot of choice in ecological cleaning products. This is a very simple way to make your office more sustainable.

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