Everything you want to know about buying second hand.

What means second hand?

The term ´second hand´ means goods that have already been owned by someone else for use. Here the term “hand” is used for ownership. The term second hand originally had a somewhat dusty image, but nowadays this is changing. Many goods, especially clothing and older furniture, are now characterized as trendy and people call it vintage.

In a huge number of countries there are numerous platforms that give you the opportunity to buy or sell second-hand items. Many of these platforms are a virtual flea market and you will also find many different products here. There are also more and more websites that specialize in one specific article such as clothing, books or mobile phones.

Risks of second hand trading.

Buying and selling products online has a very anonymous nature, so there are a lot of people trying to abuse your trust. Buying second-hand stuff does, therefore, entail the necessary risks. Especially when you never see both the seller and the item physically, payment is made via online routes and the products are sent by post. To limit these risks, many platforms advise its members on safe online trading. For example, it is always advisable to pick up goods yourself and not have them sent, and it is not recommended to transfer large amounts to strangers.

There are payment providers who ensure that you are insured up to a certain amount. If the seller does not deliver the items that you have ordered, then this provider will ensure that they cover your damage. PayPal is a good example of this, they offer a very strong cover policy.

More companies are also appearing who want to reduce the risks associated with online trading. Because of this there are websites that sell second-hand goods with a money back guarantee. This increases the confidence of the purchasing party to purchase the product and they do not have to worry about scams. This way of acting often results in a higher price than if it were purchased directly from a person.

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